Why Do You Need An All-Purpose Hygiene Spray?

December 03, 2020

Why Do You Need An All-Purpose Hygiene Spray?

A global health crisis is upon us. An unprecedented level of uncertainty and fear of the outdoors has become the new normal in our lives. When health and hygiene is our utmost priority, the perfect sanitiser spray can keep you one step closer to safety.

Viruses and bacteria in the air transmit diseases and infections. Some other microorganisms can last on a surface for more than three days in optimal temperatures. As winter and monsoon set in, the susceptibility to diseases further increases to a much higher rate.

In these times, an all-purpose disinfectant sprayis a must-have for every home, office, or just in your bag on the move. They cost very little money and become a simple catalyst for better health.

The Need for a Handy All-Purpose Disinfectant

The fear of staying out and being in contact with public spaces is not an option anymore. We must adapt to the changing times; while obeying the farthest caution. A sanitiser spray is all you need apart from a functional mask to keep you safe in these challenging times.

They fall into two categories: alcohol-based and alcohol-free.

Alcohol sanitisers contain around sixty to ninety percent of ethanol, propanol, or isopropanol. These agents are highly effective and used as medical disinfectants for many years. The latter includes antiseptics and antimicrobial agents. These could be benzalkonium or chlorides.

When picking a product, you can account for the following three factors: utility, safety, and portability.

The advantage of an all-purpose disinfectant sprayis that they find utility on both the skin and contact surfaces. They are versatile, a perfect fit for those who frequent the outdoors.

The safety of the spray will vary on the skin type of each person. Those with sensitive skins, frequent allergies, or a low-tolerance for alcohol-based odour should opt for those made from natural ingredients.

Lastly, this spray must be the right size to carry in your bag or pocket. Also, some alcohol-based sprays are flammable, which would require extra caution. The versatile nature of these sprays reduces the need to carry multiple items like a surface wipe, hand-sanitizer and surface spray. This product is an all-in-one package deal.

Advantages of a Natural Ingredient Spray

The most popular choice in the current times is the use of an alcohol-based sanitiser spray. However, the overuse of alcohol-based sprays and liquids can deteriorate your skin’s natural healing membrane. They also tend to leave the skin dry and lifeless. This process could also result in cracks and dead-skin formation.

They can also cause skin-allergies with prolonged use. The best alternative to them is the use of natural-soap and water. However, access to soap and water is not as practical on the move.

The best disinfectant spray is one made from natural compounds, and minimal use of chemicals. These are safer for the skin and the ecosystem on the whole.

The Herbatol Plus All-Purpose Sanitiser Sprayis one such example. They use natural substances like tulsi and aloe vera to do the same job in an added eco-friendly way. The product contains backing from experts in the field and a series of tests and trials.

The tulsi and aloe vera combination act as both disinfectant sprayand healthy nutrition for your skin. Aloe Vera is known to be one of the best ingredients for better skin quality, and tulsi holds robust antioxidants that can fight germs. This unparalleled combination makes it the best disinfectant spray for home, office, or on the move.

Use on Surface

This spray will ensure a sanitised and safe surface at all times. You can use it on a variety of surfaces like your keys, delivery boxes, phones, frequently touched exteriors, outdoor and indoor furniture, car interiors and much more.

The use of this sanitiser spray is very straightforward. Simply shake the can and hold it at a distance of around fifteen to twenty centimetres from the surface. Once you spray the articles, give the liquid a few seconds to dry. The fluid will eliminate any harmful substances from the material during this time.

You do not need to wipe away the liquid. This quality of the disinfectant spraymakes it more comfortable to use, faster to gain results, and a handy-tool for your bag or car. The spray also contains a naturally refreshing fragrance while compared to the disturbing alcohol-based odour.

Many people choose to use a surface wipe tissue, but those leave you with extra garbage to carry around with you. Additionally, since the spray is entirely natural, it will not harm the surface in any way. 

Use on Skin

The use of a sanitiser spray is a highly viable option for those on the move. It’s comfortable and convenient with the added benefit of preferred fragrance. The use of tulsi and aloe vera is not just to sanitize but also helps to protect the skin and boost immunity in these uncertain times.

To use them, merely spray a few pumps on the palms of your hand. Then gently rub them in a circular motion and the back of your hands. Ensure you get the liquid in-between your fingers and the nails of your hand. The spray will keep you feeling fresh and confident to venture outside.

The natural substance in the spray also makes it an excellent choice for children, and the elderly.    

Should You Get One?

The use of the best disinfectant spray is not part of the new normal. At such a time, using one that is natural and free of adverse effects is the way forward. The use of alcohol-based sprays will only lead to further worries and health issues.

Make a wise choice and entrust the Herbatol Plus All-Purpose Sanitiser Spray for the best results, refreshing aroma, and better wellbeing. They come in handy sizes that make it easy to carry around.

If the need of the hour is to spray a disinfectant on your palms every few hours; it must be one that gives your hands the added nutrition and care they deserve. 


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