Stepping Back Out In The New Normal

December 01, 2020

Stepping Back Out In The New Normal

March 2020 feels so far away. The news started trickling that there was a new strand of a dangerous virus, which felt like a common cold amplified 250 times and was rapidly spreading across the entire world. And now, we are trying to adapt to what we call The New Normal. Returning back to normalcy with added terms and conditions does feel a bit weird, but keeping yourself safe and taking precautions may not be such a task anymore. Here is a comprehensive guide, full of tips to keep you going through your entire day without worrying about the dangers that the outside world poses right now.

Before we proceed, a few things to remember: Always wear a mask, avoid public places and reduce any unnecessary interactions with anyone. With that in mind, let’s go!

Going Out


With so many months stuck behind your doors, you must be itching to go out and experience the world you were so rudely cut off from. However, make sure you have all your guards up, with theHerbatol Plus Hand Sanitizer. The Hand Sanitizer contains Aloe Vera and Glycerin so that your hands can remain moisturised and sanitised and don’t get dry soon. The solution is guaranteed to kill 99.99% germs and you can carry it on the go with the additional pouch. So next time you step out of your house, just clip your Herbatol Plus Hand Sanitizer and be on your way!

Touching Surfaces


If you are going out, 99.99% chances are that you are going to interact with foreign surfaces regularly. Luckily the same amount of chances can be germ-free with theHerbatol Plus All-Purpose Spray. The All-Purpose Spray consists of Tulsi and Aloe Vera that makes it equally effective on your skin. Best of all, there’s no need to wipe it off as it dries up instantly, leaving behind a safe and sanitised environment for you to interact with!

Easy on Skin, Tough on Germs


Over the course of a day, you use a lot of your personal belongings. Using your phone, opening your wallet and keeping your laptop during work are just a few examples. How do you keep your skin safe in this New Normal? Simple. Use the Herbatol Plus Skin Hygiene Wipes which eliminate 99.9% germs. Enhanced with Aloe Vera and Silver Colloidal, it is super effective on skin and also easy on the environment. Skin and Hygiene, both restored!

Coming Back


You have survived the day, keeping yourself Herbatol Safe. However, you are now back home and might be carrying germs from your countless interactions outside. Not to worry, head in for that nice evening shower with the Herbatol Plus Anti-Bacterial Soap powered by both Neem and Activated Charcoal. Neem’s natural antibacterial properties along with Activated Charcoal’s deep-cleansing action make sure you step out refreshed and devoid of germs. 

Don’t be afraid of going out anymore, the power of the Herbadrop will always be there with you!

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