Is Your Beard Completely Germ-Free?

December 01, 2020

Is Your Beard Completely Germ-Free?

Myth: Beard harbours bacteria, are unsanitary, and trap dirt and grease. It is the primary cause of infection in men.

Truth: Regular grooming, cleaning, moisturizing, and sanitizing will keep your beard as clean as you keep your hair on your head. Beard does not put you at risk of any infection.

Whether you are planning to grow your first beard or trying to maintain it, not to get surprised, the beard culture is unlikely to get out of trend. Most of our body withholds bacteria, but several bacteria find it easier to live on a physical thing, and facial hair is one of them.

 Every man wants to keep their skin lustrous and healthy, but it does not imply that you go and shave off your beard. Well established studies have proven that clean shaved skin carries comparable amounts of germs if hygiene is not maintained. However, it is necessary to maintain sanitation to keep the beards clean, free from germs, and to burst myths about beards. Products from Bombay Shaving Company not only provide quality care for the beard, but they have natural ingredients to stimulate the same. We aim at eliminating the use of harsh chemicals and preservatives to produce gentle products for a healthy beard.

 The Herbatol Plus Beard Serum Sprayis a thoughtfully sourced product that anti-microbial and keeps the beard germ-free.

Beard Serum Spray Explained  

Our naturally-made beard serum spraymixes olive and tea tree oil that softens and smoothes frizzy beard hair to protect them from damage. It prevents the beard from harbouring harmful bacteria and is for external use only. The primary function of a serum is to lock the moisture, stimulate extensive growth, and provide shine to beard hair.

The promising effects of beard sprayguarantee protection against 99.99% disease-causing germs. Get full nourishment of the beard without using silicones and paraben containing products.

 Follow these simple steps to use the beard spray:

  • Spray two to three times on your beard.
  • Use it every four hours.
  • Gently massage your beard with fingers or comb it nicely.

Well, you have successfully freaked out the bacteria and the potential for germs on your beard. Let us focus on another product by Herbatol Plus, the beard sanitizer.

How Do You Use the Beard Serum Spray?

   Follow these simple steps to use the Beard Serum Spray for your beard:

  • Shake the bottle well.
  • Spray some amount on your palm.
  • Rub it over your beard and keep it away from your mouth.

Spraying directly onto your beard might lead to the inhalation and swallowing of the product. However, we only use natural products, but we process them in neutral alcohol. Thus, be cautious while using the product. Try to keep it out of children’s reach.

Allergies and irritation are specific from person to person. Consult your doctor immediately if you witness any adverse signs of itching or redness.

Your Beard Will Love This!

Here are some tips and pointers to keep your beard happy and lustrous:

  1. Clean it

Do you sometimes look at your beard and feel like you could lose something in that facial forest? Make sure to clean and rinse it daily with chemical-free products. It is necessary to keep the skin underneath that beard healthy to get shiny and strong hair. You can try practicing by taking references from beard washing tutorial videos available on

    2. Moisturize it

 Moisturizing is a crucial step to maintain your beard, yet so underrated. Check out our naturally made Cedarwood Beard Oil; it provides lustrous and healthy beard hair. It keeps the hair soft along with the skin. You can use beard serum sprayinstead of oil-based moisturizer if your skin is acne-sensitive. Moisturizing not only provides softness but also tackles the itchiness and dryness that we experience during the winter seasons.

   3. Groom it

 Grooming is a very healthy habit. Trim or shape your fully grown beard once in two weeks to control its growth. Combing and brushing improve circulation in the skin that distributes the nutrients and oils for healthy growth. Using the beard serum spraywill prevent tangling and breaking of hair.

 Products with ingredients like aloe vera, tulsi, witch hazel, tea tree oil, and argan oil tend to exhibit antibacterial properties. They are likely to ensure prevention from 99.9% germs in your facial hair.

Beard: A Potential Germ Garden?

Photo Courtesy: Unsplash

Debates on beard or no beard has been going on since the year 1843. Latest researchers are trying to safeguard the beard reputation by publishing practical-based studies. Yes, beards do carry germs, but so does a shaved skin. Just like it is a requisite to keep your scalp clean to prevent dandruff or bacteria, it is essential to maintain facial skin hygiene for a healthy beard. But why only look only at the negative impacts? Beard can protect your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays, keeps you warm in cold weather, and no doubt is an attractive feature.

Growing a beard does not come with any disadvantages, but it does come with increased hygiene exercise. Do not let your beard become a hiding nest for harmful bacteria. Shampoo and condition your beard with trusted products, trim it whenever you feel it is going out of the direction, and acquire healthy habits for a germ-free beard. Start your journey for a softer, shinier, and tamer beard growth with naturally made antibacterial products.

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